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EHRLE Cleaning Systems has been a synonym for quality for over 40 years in the High-Pressure Cleaning Technology industry and we are one of the leading producers of High-Pressure Cleaning Equipment in the world.
Our product range is continually being updated and is in continuous development with high quality standards being attained. This, we have found throughout the years is a pre-requisite for the successful sales of the EHRLE Product-Range throughout the world.
The EHRLE Product-Range is now sold throughout Europe, Eastern Europe and Asia by our own Agencies. Great-Britain is one of the main customers for our whole range of products. Another big marketplace for EHRLE is in the the former eastern european countries of Slovakia, Chech Republic and Poland. Since the opening of China to western trade, EHRLE Products are now also sold there by one of our own agencies.
In todays demanding business environment, worldwide successful sales can only be achieved by the employment of modern assembly techniques, constant updating of the product range, together with a program of continuous development and conscientious final controls via computerised processes. To help us achieve these goals, since 1996 EHRLE have been certified under the International Standard of ISO 9001.
Many years of manufacturing experience accumulated from our long term staff are our guarantee for high quality products in all sectors of our enterprise. Quality is the main target that EHRLE seek to achieve - and do.
The employment of State-of-the-Art technologies both in the design and manufacturing stages ensure that all our products are built in the most efficient way to provide years of trouble free service to our customers.
Special testing methods during the most important manufacturing stages of manufacture and the permanent quality control checks during all processes by our employees ensure the ongoing high quality of our products.
At EHRLE we are constantly analysing our products and listening to the opinions of our customers to ensure that we can work towards providing quality machinery that satisfy your cleaning requirements for many years to come.
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